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I found a crack of an earlier version (assuming v1.0) by Fuzion in the hang loose archive as well - and it works without the volume-switch etc. Loads exactly the same in Hatari and STE, clicking on Load Module is enough for it to show the disk list.

I also tried the version you linked to above (crack by The Alien - with the nice compliments) and it's the same as above. First Load Module click works fine, no volume label switch. Do you mean that's not what you saw?

That difference might be down to v1.0 vs v1.3/v1.4 though so I'll keep looking for why I can't get the newer versions to behave the same way on real hardware and Hatari. Having the source should help.

@David - I've tried with the same TOS version (and locale), never use fast disk access, deselected both path TOS and Timer D. Don't know what else to try :)


(If there really isn't a fully working crack of v1.4 available since 1991 I must confess to feeling somewhat saddened .. )

On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 8:09 PM, Nicolas Pomarède <npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Le 20/02/2015 18:50, Troed Sångberg a écrit :


I've been a bit fast and loose with which version I tested what with.
So; here are the results:

On my TOS 1.62 STE the Replicants crack of Audio Sculpture 1.4 works
exactly like on Hatari. That means, quite badly - the whole "right
click, edit volume name, get the path not found message, retry loading
module"-workaround is needed.

The internal test version, with no protection, works just fine on TOS
1.62 STE. _However_ - the original issue found by my group member, that
it doesn't work in Hatari, holds true. On the real machine I press Load
Module, the Volume name changes (to blank, not the actual volume name of
the disk, which indicates some sort of error still), the next Load
Module correctly shows the disk content.

On Hatari (STE mode, TOS 1.62, even the same locale) the same thing
happens to begin with, clock mouse pointer and change to blank volume
name, but the next Load Module press does not show any disk content -
only the amount of free space. I'm currently unable to find any
workaround - I simply cannot get the file list to appear.

.... so:

*) In 2015 we find out that the Replicants crack of AS 1.4 isn't very
good, on STE. Looking at the protection code in the source I can fully
understand why.

*) However, for the purposes of getting Hatari to emulate the hardware
we're now in the situation where I can only show the problem with an
internal unreleased version (additionally a build of v1.3 which as far
as I know never even made it to the public). So, I'll have to sort that
out before I'm able to offer any more insight.

(I'm very very sorry for being lazy and not writing the cracked version
to disk earlier - but at least it resulted in some "scene news")

Now I'll look into debugging the offending code in MonST - if I can get
that to work then I'll get back with exactly what causes the empty file
list ...



well, at least, no more need to try to make the replicant version works under Hatari :) I guess they only tested in on STF and didn't notice the problem.

Are there any other cracked version you're aware of, or were the replicants the only ones who dare defying the almighty Sync :) ?

On there's an older version from 1990 cracked by the replicants too. Can you test if it works the same your STE and Hatari ? (for me, it works under Hatari in STF/STE mode, with the usual error message, then on next try directory is read)


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