Re: [hatari-devel] Audio Sculpture and disk access

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Le 19/02/2015 20:31, Troed Sångberg a écrit :
Awesome research into the issue! I'll certainly do what I can to help. I
_think_ I'm at the point of interest in the source but it's almost like
reading pure disassembly - not a lot of help gained from labels,
variables etc. So, with some uncertainty, the check is simple whether it
was able to read a volume or not from the disk. If it did, it's shown.
If not, it continues on.

There's also some logic around a forced mediachange that I'm trying to
follow. I'll try to put some time into understanding it.

by the way, to check if disk change is related or not to the issue, could you try this on your STE :
 - start the cracked version
 - at the crack intro screen, insert a floppy with some modules on it
 - press space to start depacking
- once in AS, go to te fileselector ; does it still work correctly on your STE, or is it different from what you get when your inserted a floppy after AS was started ?

In summary : does it changes something to insert a floppy with mod files before the protection check instead of after ?


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