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Le 18/02/2015 23:29, Troed Sångberg a écrit :
Well of course it doesn't switch res ;) The original loads from
bootsector and never touches any TOS routines (besides a very neat trick
of copying code from ROM into RAM and modifying for hard disk purposes,
IIRC, but I digress)

I was notified of the problem of loading disks by someone else so at
least I know it's not only on my system - but I really can't get Audio
Sculpture to display a file listing in Hatari STE mode (and I've now
tested with both v1.8 and v1.7). I do exactly the same steps as on the
real hardware next to me - where it works. The mouse cursor never
changes to the "clock" - and "????? bytes free" is immediately displayed
(and the change to Volume name doesn't happen).

Since it works on your system I have no explanation for why it doesn't
here. Also, STF mode being fine means it's difficult to come up with a
probable explanation that involves external factors as well.

Note that in STE mode, it's not 100% working too for me. I sometimes have to click several times right button to show the "volume" choice, press enter, click twice on "load module" to have the "clock" displayed, and so on, but it's much difficult to get the directory than in STF mode where I can get it to work every time.

I don't have any explanation for this ; maybe there's a bug in AS on real STE and this bug is somewhat "amplified" in hatari ? Do you know if AS uses TOS to access floppy or if it uses its own FDC routines ?


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