Re: [hatari-devel] Audio Sculpture and disk access

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Le 20/02/2015 22:56, Troed Sångberg a écrit :
I found a crack of an earlier version (assuming v1.0) by Fuzion in the
hang loose archive as well - and it works without the volume-switch etc.
Loads exactly the same in Hatari and STE, clicking on Load Module is
enough for it to show the disk list.

I also tried the version you linked to above (crack by The Alien - with
the nice compliments) and it's the same as above. First Load Module
click works fine, no volume label switch. Do you mean that's not what
you saw?

No, that's what I see too, it's not more direct for me.

That difference might be down to v1.0 vs v1.3/v1.4 though so I'll keep
looking for why I can't get the newer versions to behave the same way on
real hardware and Hatari. Having the source should help.

I suggested trying an older version just in case, but as you say this might be related only to the more recent 1.3/1.4 version.


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