[hatari-devel] Audio Sculpture and disk access

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I've just observed the following with Hatari v1.8 - and I'm slightly unsure as to what it means:

1) Audio Sculpture v1.4 (Replicants crack) cannot read floppy images or mounted GEMDOS drive in Hatari. It just displays ????? free bytes.

2) Audio Sculpture v1.3 (SYNC internal unprotected .PRG) cannot display filelist from floppy images (displays correct amount of free KB though) but can correctly display files and read them from mounted GEMDOS drive

(And yes, our internal .PRG release is internal .. I have v1.4 laying around somewhere as well - I don't think it matters. I'm assuming the difference is due to the internal version not being compiled with protection routines)

In none of the cases AS is able to read MODs from a floppy image - which I find strange. I'm quite sure it can on target hardware, else it wouldn't be a good crack ;)


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