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Le 18/02/2015 13:52, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 18/02/2015 12:44, Troed Sångberg a écrit :
For the unprotected internal version sorry, it's not my decision even
after all this time :/ For the replicants crack of v1.4 it's available

(The cracked version surely works on target hardware so it should be
enough to look at what happens in Hatari there)

Yes, cracked version is enough, as long as it works on STF/STE, then
there's something to fix :)

This seems to work, but file selection is less than intuitive.

I downloaded "Audio Sculpture (demo) (1990)(Synchron Assembly)" from to get some mod examples.

Then, I start cracked version.
Once AS is started, I insert demo version in drive A:
Go to disk menu, click on load module ; some disk accesses are made, but nothing is found. But instead of "path a:\*.mod", it now shows "volume name". I type "a:" and press enter, some disk accesses are made again and this time, I get the list of the 3 modules from the demo disk.

Tested in STF mode, with tos 1.02fr and 1.04fr, 2MB RAM and gemdos HD ON.

Can you reproduce it ?


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