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Am Fri, 16 Oct 2020 00:36:40 +0300
schrieb Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Gentoo seems also to provide nice package info:
> Its bug tracker has one bug about Hatari Clang/LLVM build failing
> with Hatari "make test" config file test having "FAILED" status:
> *
> *
> => Thomas, any comments on Clang compatibility, didn't you look at it
> at some point?

Clang is regularly checked in the Travis and Gitlab CI, and is
certainly not a problem.

Looking at that log file, I can see:

Test FAILED, config files differs:
--- /var/tmp/portage/games-emulation/hatari-2.2.1-r1/temp/tmp.e8oeo3ZkTI/.config/hatari/hatari.cfg	2020-08-26 21:34:10.861469692 +0200
+++ /var/tmp/portage/games-emulation/hatari-2.2.1-r1/temp/tmp.e8oeo3ZkTI/test.cfg	2020-08-26 21:34:11.045469699 +0200
@@ -269,7 +269,7 @@
 nDeviceType1 = 0
-szTosImageFileName = /var/tmp/portage/games-emulation/hatari-2.2.1-r1/work/hatari-2.2.1_build/share/hatari/../emutos/etos512k.img
+szTosImageFileName = /var/tmp/portage/games-emulation/hatari-2.2.1-r1/work/hatari-2.2.1_build/share/emutos/etos512k.img
 bPatchTos = FALSE
 szCartridgeImageFileName =
<end of output>

I wonder how that could have happened? tests/ sets the
HOME environment variable to a temporary directory, so there really
should not be any etos512k.img in the config file here!

.... unless they use a global /etc/hatari.cfg file on Gentoo that uses
this path with the "..". That's unfortunate, of course ... I think we
should somehow skip the global config file loading in case we are
running in test mode... I've pushed a quick fix, so this problem should
hopefully be gone now, too.

> [1] Joystick patch is already merged by Thomas, and I think tos.img 
> thing to be due to Gentoo packaging EmuTOS separately:
> => Thomas, could you add item about the joystick change to release   
> notes, with links to above distro bugs it fixes?

That joystick patch has been submitted via github, I certainly did not
pick it from Gentoo, so I don't see the need to reference Gentoo in our
docs here.


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