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On 10/15/20 11:48 AM, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Le 15/10/2020 à 01:19, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
Another possibility would be to download the src deb or src rpm for some distro and see if they changed things for hatari. But here, I don't have time to do this too. Managing release for windows is already time consuming.

For Debian things are easier as it has web pages
listing Hatari package bugs & patches:

only one old  bug  from  2012 about joystick mapping and  reporter also has  problem with e-uae -> not our concern I would say, too old  and unconfirmed, maybe fixed in sdl2 since then

I don't think feature bugs for SW developed outside of Debian belong to Debian bug tracker.

I think that particular bug could have been fixed last year by commit 84b2566bb [1].

Gentoo seems also to provide nice package info:

Its bug tracker has one bug about Hatari Clang/LLVM build failing with Hatari "make test" config file test having "FAILED" status:

=> Thomas, any comments on Clang compatibility, didn't you look at it at some point?

Hatari sources are patched slightly:
  -> no idea why .gz extension is removed from gzipped files...

[1] Joystick patch is already merged by Thomas, and I think tos.img thing to be due to Gentoo packaging EmuTOS separately:

=> Thomas, could you add item about the joystick change to release notes, with links to above distro bugs it fixes?


Mostly some reports about python UI. You can backport those patches into hatari if you  think they're relevant, or contact the  patches' author to discuss them.

Things that these patches change:
1. done on purpose, not changing
2. applied partially
3. already changed
4. breaks UI links to local doc files
   - would need patch also to
5. weird, why change just one .py file?

Found the Fedora package info:

It's package does also some changes:

I applied 2 of the 3 changes. [3]

So, I don't see any real packaging issues that  we should take care of, which is good news.

[3] I could change all python shebangs to use "python3" as all scripts are compatible to it.

Are more distros now OK with that, than distros that break unless "python" is used?

	- Eero

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