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Le 14/10/2020 à 19:16, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
If some packagers for any distro want to report issues or patches we should add, then they can write to this mailing list.

I was suggesting contacting authors of distro
packages, and asking *them* to try packaging
latest Hatari git version so that any issues
could be fixed before release.

They aren't necessarily reading this list, so
they don't necessarily know that new Hatari
version is imminent.

(Distros have mechanisms that notify authors
when new releases of automatically tracked
upstream projects are available, but that's
too late.)

I'm subscribed to some distro mailing lists and from what I see, when a distro has problem with a program to package it, they create a patch if possible and/or contact the program's author to submit the patch or report the issue, so it will be fixed in main sources ; not the other way around.

What I mean is that I don't have time to contact every distro or even "big" distro (which distro ? what seems popular to someone might not be to someone else) to get some input on possible changes. That's too many distro to handle.

Another possibility would be to download the src deb or src rpm for some distro and see if they changed things for hatari. But here, I don't have time to do this too. Managing release for windows is already time consuming.

I would hope so too, but there are quite a few
things like icon installation, binfmt misc stuff,
python versions etc, which may have changed also
on distro side, not just things on Hatari side.

It's true that at the moment python is often an issue in recent distro due to the EOL for python 2 and the switch to python 3.
Did you switch code in hatari to be python 3 compatible ?


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