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On 10/1/20 11:32 PM, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
are there any missing code that should be included in Hatari before next release, or updates to documentation or other things ?

On my side I don't have any more code to add before this release.

What about other people ?

I haven't had yet time to finish testing the SCSI
handling fix I sent earlier (new version will be
in next mail).

When testing the earlier version of the patch,
I noticed regression in Hatari.  Hatari boots
several times slower (e.g. to EmuTOS welcome
screen) in Falcon mode than earlier.  It seems
to be Falcon specific issue.

(Because of this, tos-boot tester was giving me
failures, which turned out to be timeouts.)

While those issues are being handled, people could
otherwise test Hatari a bit more extensively to
check whether there's something else that should
be fixed before release.

"Somebody" should also check some of the
problematic Falcon demos/games in the compatibility list and update their state
if something has changed.

If I have time, I may do some of that too, as
Roger has started to add some DSP XBios calld
support to EmuTOS. :-)

Python UI doesn't have any SCSI support yet,
and it might be a good idea also to look at bit
into warnings output from Hatari python code with
"python3 -b -w once" (I may not have time for

Besides above items, I would like to update
Linux compatibility doc to Linux v5.9 once
that is released.

	- Eero

PS. remember that we have a release checklist:

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