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On 10/16/20 12:32 PM, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Le 15/10/2020 à 23:36, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
regarding .desktop file, some distros are adding translation for other language.

For example in hatari.desktop, there's a "Comment[fr]". Maybe we could add more translation ?

Because Hatari itself isn't translated (or even
have support for that), I think translating the
desktop entries could be misleading.

But you can add translations if you wish.

Also in pythonui.desktop, you use :

Comment=Run old Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon software

There used to be a patch in Mageia to use instead :

Comment=External user interface for Hatari
Comment[fr]=Interface utilisateur externe pour Hatari

Maybe we could use something like that to emphasize that pythonui is not the emulator itself but a frontend ?

Good point, I changed it to:
"Gtk UI for Hatari (Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon) emulator"

[3] I could change all python shebangs to use "python3" as all scripts are compatible to it.

Are more distros now OK with that, than distros that break unless "python" is used?

Mageia does some change for python :

Thanks, I added the link to checklist
(+ your typo fixes).

46     # Fix interpreter
47     for pyfile in tools/ tools/debugger/ tools/hconsole/ tools/hconsole/ python-ui/ python-ui/ python-ui/
48     do
49       sed -i '1s|/usr/bin/env python|%{__python3}|' $pyfile
50     done

-> this replaces part of shebang by direct path to python3 I guess. Don't know if there's something standard for that and if it's necessary ?

Standard says that Python 2 programs should use "python2", Python 3 programs "python3", but AFAIK
it doesn't say anything definite about what
programs supporting both should use.

Nowadays "python" is a symlink to either version
of python, but all distros don't add that by default (in Debian/Ubuntu one can install
additional package that adds either of those).

That's why distros are changing the scripts.

I've thought to do that change, and remove python2
support completely only for the next release
(there's some extra code to make scripts work with
both Python versions).

	- Eero

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