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Greatly appreciate all your work. Your interface to hatari is very nicely done. 

Enjoying playing StarGlider again :>

You might be right — I have some old Xcode around and will see if it’s possible — who knows? Even if no, the SDL gui works good enough for those who can’t use the macosx gui, for sure.

Congratulations to all on the upcoming release. I’ll shut up now :>



> On Oct 16, 2016, at 1:07 PM, Jerome Vernet <vernet.jerome@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Le 16/10/2016 à 21:49, Ken Cunningham a écrit :
>> In the hatari macports portfile, I go straight into cmake, and it does
>> build --disable-osx-bundle that way.
> Nice. Do not worked for me, but do not started from a fresh repo.
>> You can get a newish libc++ on 10.6 by doing this:
>> <>
>> which I have done, and it enables a great amount of cxx11 and newer
>> software to build.
> I do not want to build but distribute a pre built version wich will work
> on 10.6-10.12, without the need for users to make hard things to get it
> works. A soultion should be to use GCC 4.2 with an earlier version of XCode.
>> The only hiccup I have is the .xib file on 10.6
> Hum.... We need to find a way to convert .xib to .nib again, but I
> cannot do that with my Version of XCode, because it cannot save .nib
> files compatible with XCode 3. Maybe some earlier version of XCode (5,6
> ??) can ?
> JV

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