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Le 16/10/2016 à 21:49, Ken Cunningham a écrit :
> In the hatari macports portfile, I go straight into cmake, and it does
> build --disable-osx-bundle that way.
Nice. Do not worked for me, but do not started from a fresh repo.
> You can get a newish libc++ on 10.6 by doing this:
> <>
> which I have done, and it enables a great amount of cxx11 and newer
> software to build.
I do not want to build but distribute a pre built version wich will work
on 10.6-10.12, without the need for users to make hard things to get it
works. A soultion should be to use GCC 4.2 with an earlier version of XCode.

> The only hiccup I have is the .xib file on 10.6
Hum.... We need to find a way to convert .xib to .nib again, but I
cannot do that with my Version of XCode, because it cannot save .nib
files compatible with XCode 3. Maybe some earlier version of XCode (5,6
??) can ?


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