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Le 12/10/2016 à 14:59, Jérôme VERNET a écrit :

    fs_uae also have this problem. they have a thread for SDL
    stuff/event/display, a thread for the mouse emulation, but the whole
    emulation is in a single thread.

    One more problem is that, at least on i5/i7, don't know for xeon,
    the CPU freq burst rapidly decrease if only one core is heavily used.

not much we can do ; that's the same thing with mobile phone : they claim the biggest number of cores per cpu, which is nice when you want to save battery, but on modern PC cpu you often need to choose "enterprise grade" cpu if you really want to have a big processing power even with a single core.

On the other end, recent cores are sometimes more powerful than a whole cpu from 5 years ago, so there's still hope for falcon emulation if you have a very recent machine :)

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