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Le 13/10/2016 à 21:52, Jerome Vernet a écrit :
Le 12/10/2016 à 21:56, Jerome Vernet a écrit :
Le 12/10/2016 à 19:46, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
can't tell then , maybe it's osx specific, but it would be strange
that sdl change some sound API in 2.0.5 (else you would not have
keyboard click either)

I've downloaded the prebuilt framework 2.0.5 version (64 bits only) from
SDL; Now, I still have no sound in Falcon emulation AND I do not have
any keyboard in any mode.
The keyboard problem is SDL 2.0.5 related. I had to get back to a
revision of SDL dated 12 days ago to get the keyboard working again.
The sound problem was not. My Falcon config file was bad. Even if i
selected DSP Full Emulation, it was not working.
Started a new Falcon config file make sound come again. May be a bug in
the OSX Preferences Screen.

So, do not use yet SDL 2.0.5.

My MacBook is'nt fast enough to play Amanita Music


regarding the keyboard problem, could you do a bisect to determine which change broke it for you ? It could either be a problem in Hatari where we don't use the correct API, but if it's an SDL problem then it could be reported to them.


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