Re: [hatari-devel] Problem with SCSI initiator command register

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> But this would not be a correct method to detect a timer's loop in all 
> the cases (testing interrupt pending bit or using your own interrupt 
> handler to set a "loop flag" would be more accurate).

Using my own handler might introduce incompatibilities with the existing
handler. The intention of my loop is to cause no side effects at all and
to be independent of the interrupt mask. I think this solution ensures a
minimum of interdependencies with other software.

> Some scsi related regs are certainly the cause of your loop exiting 
> early, because this loop alone that only reads $fffa23 is correctly 
> emulated.
> But I never owned an SCSI disk on Atari and did not really checked the 
> datasheets for this, so I can't really help on this point.

Thank you anyway. Emulating the SCSI chip including a SCSI drive is
probably rather complicated, but maybe somebody will do it sooner or later.

Take care


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