Re: [hatari-devel] Problem with SCSI initiator command register

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> Uwe, could you maybe add some printf debugging code to the end of
> MFP_TimerCData_ReadByte() in mfp.c to see whether IoMem[0xfffa23] really
> does not change there?

I added the debug code, with an interesting result. The timer values are
decremented indeed, but my code still does not work. I stripped my code
down to a few lines, this is the result:

	move.l #12000,d1
wait1:	tst.b $fffffa23
	bpl wait1
wait2:	tst.b $fffffa23
	bmi wait2
	subq.l #1,d1
	bne wait1

The illegal instruction is never executed, the code appears to loop
endlessly. With a real Atari TT and Falcon it works, but with Hatari it
seems as if test.b does not work when applied to the timer data

Take care


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