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Am Thu, 24 Mar 2022 18:14:10 +0100
schrieb Christian Zietz <czietz@xxxxxxx>:

> Thomas Huth schrieb:
> > gitlab is
> > (mostly) free software instead, and there are also other public instances
> > beside nowadays (e.g., so I'd
> > rather prefer gitlab if we ever migrate somewhere else.  
> But note that GitLab, for their SaaS offering (i.e., the one hosted on
>, has gradually introduced restrictions for the free plan.
> E.g., storage and monthly transfer volume quotas a few weeks ago, and a
> limit of five users announced today.
> While none of this would directly impact the Hatari project, it could
> indicate that GitLab has started to get on the same "slippery slope" as
> Travis CI did before: Driven by investors they want to make their
> business more profitable. Being nice to non-paying users might be good
> for "karma" and public perception but not for the stock price.

Oh well, let's hope that gitlab won't go down that path since it's a pretty
cool platform! Well, in the worst case, there are still the other instances
like ...


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