Re: [hatari-devel] HDC code update patch

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Please see my last posting, which overlaps with yours.

> PS. I would not be opposed to Hatari moving to GitLab (if it still has 
> free accounts) or GitHub.  If others feel the same, I guess we could 
> consider migrating, but that's longer process.

I would appreciate that, because github or gitlab are quite common nowadays.
I started with github, but then I needed a docker image repository, which
was only offered for free by gitlab. (At least at the time I needed it.)
As a result I now have some github repos and also some gitlab ones ;-).

Regarding the migration process, how complicated it ist may depend on the
system you are migrating from. I migrated several repositories from svn long
ago, and this was quite straightforward, because there are tools doing this
for you, and the commit history, branches and tags are all preserved.

Best regards


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