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Thomas Huth schrieb:

gitlab is
(mostly) free software instead, and there are also other public instances
beside gitlab.com nowadays (e.g. https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/), so I'd
rather prefer gitlab if we ever migrate somewhere else.

But note that GitLab, for their SaaS offering (i.e., the one hosted on
gitlab.com), has gradually introduced restrictions for the free plan.
E.g., storage and monthly transfer volume quotas a few weeks ago, and a
limit of five users announced today.

While none of this would directly impact the Hatari project, it could
indicate that GitLab has started to get on the same "slippery slope" as
Travis CI did before: Driven by investors they want to make their
business more profitable. Being nice to non-paying users might be good
for "karma" and public perception but not for the stock price.

These restrictions do not apply if you host the (free edition) of their
software yourself; but hosting of course needs to be paid, too.

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