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On 14.3.2022 15.34, Uwe Seimet wrote:
The attached patch contains some minor updates for hdc.c. Essentially
comments were updated and the opcode evaluation uses existing constants
instead of magic values in some places. I also removed unused opcode

Could you send these as commits generated with something like:
"git format-patch origin/master"

or e.g. "git format-patch HEAD^" for the last patch in your tree.

That way the commit messages, author etc would automatically there when patches are applied with something like "git am 0*.patch".

Then later, if commit was modified before it was applied, and you cannot rebase on the upsteam version, you can remove your own versions with something like "git reset hard HEAD^" (careful, that removes all traces of your last commit), or do droping interactively with "git rebase -i origin/master", before you pull upstream version.

Main reason for this is that I'd like your commit message to tell reason for the functional changes you did not mention: - else if (ctr->opcode == 0x05 || (ctr->opcode >= 0x20 && ctr->opcode <= 0x7d)) {
+	else if (ctr->opcode >= 0x20 && ctr->opcode <= 0x7d) {
-	else if (ctr->opcode >= 0x60)
+	else if (ctr->opcode >= 0x60 && ctr->opcode != HD_REPORT_LUNS)

(If it e.g. fixes your earlier commit, it would be nice to give ID for the fixed commit in the commit message.)

	- Eero

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