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On 24.10.2021 21.46, Charles Curley wrote:
On Sun, 24 Oct 2021 20:49:07 +0300
Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
For my use, it does too much. It appears to parse the argument to a
program to make sure that the argument is a proper file

It should do that only for arguments that have
same (unix) path prefix as the Atari program you
are running.  Reason for this is that those paths
need to be converted, like this:
	/path/to/some.prg /path/to/file.ext

But I guess that script may do the file existence
checks also if one does not give any path for the
Atari program.  I'll fix that if it's the case...

OK, I got almost everything I want. The trick is to double single quote
the command line tail, like so:

$ hatari-prg-args -q --tos-res med -m -- 'C:\FF\FAST4TH.TTP' ''3 load''
I suspect the double single quotes are necessary for anything having
any white space in it.

First quotes are needed so that the script
gets the argument with a space as a single
one from the unix shell (that's how shell

While unix shells support quoting both with
single and double quotes, it seems that Atari
programs understand only single quotes.

I.e. while this worked (e.g. in Everest):
	"'3 load'"

This did not, due to Atari side deficiency:
	'"3 load"'

I never knew that Atari programs had that kind
of command line quoting "standard"!  Any idea
whether that's actually documented somewhere?


The "almost" is the --tos-res med part does not seem to have any
effect. I get high res.

If I understand the output correctly, here is what gets executed:

hatari --parse /tmp/tmp.KCOEsXrjdn/pexec.ini --auto C:\FF\FAST4TH.TTP --tos-res med -m

You are specifying monochrome monitor (with "-m").
Monochrome monitor does not support medium res.

Therefore TOS ignores the med-res setting
you ask Hatari to set to TOS *.INF file.

	- Eero

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