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On Mon, 25 Oct 2021 00:49:42 +0300
Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> While unix shells support quoting both with
> single and double quotes, it seems that Atari
> programs understand only single quotes.
> I.e. while this worked (e.g. in Everest):
> 	"'3 load'"
> This did not, due to Atari side deficiency:
> 	'"3 load"'

I tried that and other variants in a running Hatari with EmuCON and
clicking on fast4th.ttp in EmuDESK. In all cases, the quote marks were
delivered untouched to the program, so I expect EmuTOS does no
processing of the command line.


$ hatari-prg-args -q --tos-res med -- 'C:\FF\FAST4TH.TTP' "'3 load'"
/usr/local/bin/hatari-prg-args: 116: shift: can't shift that many
$ hatari-prg-args -q --tos-res med -- 'C:\FF\FAST4TH.TTP' "'3 load'"
/usr/local/bin/hatari-prg-args: 116: shift: can't shift that many

So the script is treating the 3 and the load as two different
arguments. At least, I am guessing that is what that error message

> You are specifying monochrome monitor (with "-m").
> Monochrome monitor does not support medium res.
> Therefore TOS ignores the med-res setting
> you ask Hatari to set to TOS *.INF file.

Ah, got it. This works:

hatari-prg-args -q --tos-res med -- 'C:\FF\FAST4TH.TTP' 3 load


Does anybody read signatures any more?

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