Re: [hatari-devel] program autostart, visual studio Hatari compilation

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On Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2021 12:56:34 CEST Paweł Góralski wrote:

> After I've tried to pass additional path to binary after first one

> (something like '--auto "C:\WRKSPACE\GAME.TOS C:\WRKSPACE\GAME.TOS"'), I


If you quote it like that then the whole string will be treated as the pathname for the program to start, hence the warning because it is too long for the GEMDOS emulation.


Autostarting in Hatari works by manipulating the 'Z' line in desktop.inf/newdesk.inf, so the program is actually started by the desktop. I don't think there is any way to pass parameters with this mechanism directly.


Best i could think of is to write the parameters to some file, then starting a small tool that reads that file and starts the actual program.


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