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Hello everyone,
Currently I'm trying to make my life less miserable by reducing iteration times. I usually launch everything with uiptool on real machines, but this time I'm experimenting with emulator. I've tried to autostart Hatari (latest official version 2.3.1) with native debugger (via --auto) and passing my program name/path (,which could also have additional parameters too by the way) and it looks like I can't do it. Yes, I know about built-in debugger, but still there is no possibility to pass additional parameters to prg/ttp or I'm missing something?

After I've tried to pass additional path to binary after first one (something like '--auto "C:\WRKSPACE\GAME.TOS C:\WRKSPACE\GAME.TOS"'), I have warnings in Hatari console about clipping characters: WARN : No GEMDOS dir 'K:\Emulatory\DEV\GEMDOSHD\F030\C\WRKSPACE\game.tos\WRKSPACE'
WARN : have to clip 3 chars from 'GAME.TOS C:' extension!
(don't mind the exact names, game.tos is obfuscated adebug ;-) ).

Secondly, anyone has any successes with building Hatari with Visual Studio and CMake (VS2019 should have c99 support as far I know)? Any show stoppers before I dive in? On first glance SDL2 and other dependencies prebuild dependencies should be setup (without pkg-config) along with VS2019 custom flags.

Pawel Goralski

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