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Am 29.03.2020 01:54 schrieb Eero Tamminen:

On 3/28/20 9:17 PM, th.huth@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Am 13.03.2020 23:26 schrieb Eero Tamminen:
Ok, I'll wait until Thomas is back and has
commented on it, and if everything looks OK,
include it for the release.

I'm currently stuck at the other side of the globe, without any possibility to get back within the next days (there are hardly any planes flying anymore), and reviewing patches is a pain without a proper Computer... So here are just some quick comments:

1st patch: Did you check with sizeof(CNF_STRUCT) that this really makes a difference? Otherwise just drop the patch, please.

CNF_SOUND size isn't changed, it's 4112 with both, so I dropped that
part of the patch.

CNF_SCREEN size decreases, so I left that:
- SDL2: 64 -> 56
- SDL1: 56 -> 48

Ok, fine for me, I think it should be OK to commit this.

Please also do not separate pfmt from rm, gm and bm.

Format is needed to re-create the texture, but
red, green & blue are needed only for surface

Are you saying that I should re-create also
surface whenever scale factor is changed, although
that is redundant?

No. Could you just simply pass pfmt as parameter to Screen_SetTextureScale, please?

3rd and 4th patch look ok to me at a first glance.

In latest version ST-low res is always doubled
with SDL2.  It was too weird getting mono and
other resolutions doubled, when 2x zooming factor
was saved to Hatari config (as result of using
that to get reasonable sized ST-low res).

That way things work as with real monitor, as
the size of the monitor doesn't change based
on resolution.  :-)

Could someone else please give these patches a try and check whether this all behaves as expected? I'd like to see this in action, but I'm still stuck here without my computer, so I can not test this...

To get 320x200 window for ST-low with the patch
set on SDL2, one would need to limit Hatari max
window size to <640x400, and set Zoom factor to 1.
I think that change is acceptable now that GPUs
and high resolutions are common.

That sounds pretty confusing, too.

It's something that almost nobody should need or
want. Even with my 10 year old monitor, smallest
supported resolution is 640x480.

There are still devices like the Coolboy RS-97 with OpenDingux that are stuck at low resolutions... but yes, they are getting rarer and rarer...


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