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On 3/14/20 12:12 AM, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Le 06/03/2020 à 22:45, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
Sorry, on my side I won't have time to review your patch at the moment, but as I don't think a release is really close (see below), I guess you can wait for Thomas to be back.

Please check with Nicolas whether he still wants that before or rather
after the next release.

Nicolas, any comments on this, and how's your
schedule for next release looking currently?

If next release is still 1-2 months away,
I'd like to get the change in, and get some
feedback for it.

I think 2 months might be a target. Will depend on how spare time will evolve for me in the next days (especially with the covid-19 virus that might affect a lot of people and schedules at work, with children or everyday life in general)

Ok, I'll wait until Thomas is back and has
commented on it, and if everything looks OK,
include it for the release.

In latest version ST-low res is always doubled
with SDL2.  It was too weird getting mono and
other resolutions doubled, when 2x zooming factor
was saved to Hatari config (as result of using
that to get reasonable sized ST-low res).

To get 320x200 window for ST-low with the patch
set on SDL2, one would need to limit Hatari max
window size to <640x400, and set Zoom factor to 1.
I think that change is acceptable now that GPUs
and high resolutions are common.

	- Eero

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