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Nicolas Pomarède schrieb:

> Very interesting schematic, but unfortunatelly, I'm not very fluent at 
> ASIC reading :) For example on page 13, I see SNDON and SNDREP, but I 
> can't see where they're used on the other parts to fit with the 
> description you made above ?

On page 13 you see the latches making up (among others) the sound
control register ($FFFF8901) and you can see that its bits 0 and 1 go to
SNDON and SNDREP, respectively. You can also see that the latch for bit
0 (aka SNDON) is reset by STOFF (and some other signals). The actual
address counter comparison is in the lower half of page 20, generating
for example STOFF.

This BTW reminds me that I wanted to recreate the PDFs of the schematics
with searchable text.

Anyway, I totally agree with your test cases that should clarify the
open questions.

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