Re: [hatari-devel] TT emulation crashes when there is no ACSI drive

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Uwe Seimet schrieb:

> Sounds quite tricky. Why doesn't this also happen on real Atari hardware?
> I'd assume that there could also be an MFP interrupt at a critical
> moment.

Yes, but there you don't have the Hatari cartridge code using additional
stack space. I suppose those few words make the difference between
working and crashing.

Just to illustrate how tight this is: At the call to Pexec(7) in
load_n_reloc [1], the stack pointer is at $01E7BA. The basepage of the
GEMDOS process is at $01E700, so that the register save area extends up
to $01E77F; meaning there are only 58 bytes of stack left before the
register save area is corrupted.

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