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Le 23/06/2018 à 21:15, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On 06/20/2018 10:11 AM, Vincent Rivière wrote:
Le 19/06/2018 à 10:34, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
There might be some difference in HW (interrupt) initialization between
TOS versions.

I forgot to mention something very important.
I always start Hatari normally, then I load the snapshot using AlrGR+L.
So I'm the cause of the randomness. The time spent between TOS boot and the moment I press AltGr+L is different on each boot, so the internal machine state is different. Of course it should always work, but it is what triggers the bug.

Note that I now use Hatari HG on Linux, the issue is the same as on Cygwin. Still using TOS 1.62.

1) If I run "hatari -c lethal.cfg --memstate ~/.config/hatari/hatari.sav", it always works fine (and this will be the right workaround for serious Hatari usage).

Hm.  Memory snapshot seems to store paths to things like TOS
image, so it needs to be in exactly same path as when snapshot
is saved (in this case, under /home/vincent/).

This means that snapshots are awkward to use by other people.

Nicolas, shouldn't memory content restore guarantee that
there's correct TOS code in the memory, i.e. saving full
TOS path is redundant?

And shouldn't restore do a bit more complete setting reset
after config potentially changes, i.e. do the reset using
temporary config struct and calling:

I don't know, this code is there since early version of Hatari. I agree saving tos path can be seen as redundant if you want to send the snapshot to someone else. But in the case you want to reload it on your PC and keep the paths in all the fileselectors, it can be useful.

It's also possible the code path logic is not optimal when it comes to the order of resetting/applying default conf/applying snapshot values, but it works and I don't think it's related to the lethal xcess issue.

2) If I run "hatari -c lethal.cfg", wait less than 1 second on white screen, and press AltGr+L, it usually works fine.

After working around the TOS path, this unfortunately crashes
Hatari for me.  I assume this is because I have different arch
from you -> things have different sizes.

(I think things crashed in STX handling.)

crashes for me too, some variables are not saved with some OS/architecture independant types, so it's to be expected. That's sthg I'd like to improve someday to have some portable snapshots.


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