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Le 19/06/2018 à 10:34, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
There might be some difference in HW (interrupt) initialization between
TOS versions.

I forgot to mention something very important.
I always start Hatari normally, then I load the snapshot using AlrGR+L.
So I'm the cause of the randomness. The time spent between TOS boot and the moment I press AltGr+L is different on each boot, so the internal machine state is different. Of course it should always work, but it is what triggers the bug.

Note that I now use Hatari HG on Linux, the issue is the same as on Cygwin. Still using TOS 1.62.

1) If I run "hatari -c lethal.cfg --memstate ~/.config/hatari/hatari.sav", it always works fine (and this will be the right workaround for serious Hatari usage).

2) If I run "hatari -c lethal.cfg", wait less than 1 second on white screen, and press AltGr+L, it usually works fine.

3) If I run "hatari -c lethal.cfg", wait about 1.5 second on white screen, and press AltGr+L, it usually fails with bad palette

On each case, after initial boot and AltGr+L, I can press AltGr+L any times I want, it never changes the status: always good or always bad. I need to close Hatari and start it again to get a different status.

So really, loading snapshots fails to reinitialize some hardware, so the result incorrectly depends on machine state before loading the snapshot.

Vincent Rivière

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