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On 06/18/2018 12:17 AM, Vincent Rivière wrote:
I'm still struggling with Lethal Xcess.
Using latest HG version for Cygwin.

I'm using an apparently good saved state file, at the menu.
Sometimes it loads with good palette.
Sometimes it loads with wrong palette. See screenshot.

I can type AltGr+L many times, it doesn't change anything.
- If it was good the first time, it is always good.
- If it was wrong the first time, it is always wrong. The only solution is to close Hatari completely, run it again, cross fingers, and type AltGr+L. If it is wrong, start again.

So you're saying that there's some difference in Hatari startup state
from one run to another, when nothing has been changed in Hatari
configuration / setup.

I.e. I assume this isn't the random snapshot fail issue you reported
earlier, and which Nicolas is aware of.

I can think of two things that can affect this:
- Wakeup State for MMU/GLUE

Are you using a machine configuration with RTC (MegaST/STE, TT, Falcon),
or using "--video-timing random" setting ("VideoTiming = 0" in your
Hatari config file)?

Especially latter could easily explain your symptom.

This is the proof that something isn't properly initialized in Hatari. Loading a particular saved state should give the very same result on each time.

Nicolas mentioned that the game is a bit buggy.  If timings differ
a bit (and they do differ between different ST & STE models), it
may not work correctly.  MFP<->CPU timings jitter was something he
mentioned earlier as not being yet emulated fully.

	- Eero

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