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On 10/30/2016 12:15 AM, Douglas Little wrote:
BTW the hatariui launcher is working - and it didn't seem to have the same
issue on termination (with sound on). However it did break in the same way
if the sound menu was used. I didn't retest that case since toggling the
sound hardware off in VBox but will try it also.

I haven't yet figured out how to use hatariui properly yet for debugging
etc. - only tried the basic version. I see some docs on your pages I'll
have to absorb some of that next.

Hatari UI debugger is slow and really barebones. Frankly,
it's crap compared to e.g. STeem, so if you're already
fine with Hatari's normal command line debugger, please
use that. :-)

It's intended more for people who use Hatari rarely as
you don't need to use the keyboard commands & shortcuts,
and who'd rather have normal GUI instead of SDL stuff.

It can be useful also on Linux devices without real
keyboard, assuming that Gtk on those devices would
pop up some touch UI keyboard (like it did on Nokia's
Maemo tablets).  The buttons around the Hatari SDL window
are freely configurable, you can add there easily
shortcut buttons.

"hatariui" is a shell script which tells the Python
GUI program what buttons to put around Hatari window.
See the script installed on your system for other
examples of what else could be arranged around Hatari

	- Eero

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