Re: [hatari-devel] No address error when accessing odd addresses?

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Hi Thomas,

> > One of the problems I observed has not vanished, by the way: When,
> > with the new core in 68000 mode, ST, TOS 2.06, I enable "Cycle exact,
> > slower", the names of both IDE devices are displayed like this: "__ __
> > __ __ __ __", and accessing the IDE port does not work. As soon as I
> > disabled "Cycle exact" and reboot everything is fine again.
> That works for me, too. When I attach an IDE disk and switch to "Cycle
> exact" mode, the disk is still detected right and I can access its data
> from the GEM desktop.

That's strange. Which hard disk driver did you use? I use HDDRIVER, of
course, and with "Cycle exact" it cannot access the IDE port correctly
This indicates that when enabling this option Hatari's IDE port appears to
be different (less compatible) with a real Atari with IDE port.

Take care


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