Re: [hatari-devel] No address error when accessing odd addresses?

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Hi Thomas,

> Ah, wait, you're writing about the "Cycle exact" option... are you
> using the WinUAE cpu core? ... that's slightly different and there might
> be some bugs left in its option management (that's why it is marked as
> experimental ;-)).

Yes, I'm using the WinUAE core. Well, somebody has to use it in order
find what's probably still has to be fixed.

> But first ... what did you exactly change in the GUI? The "Slower but
> more compatible CPU" option is named there "Prefetch mode, slower"
> instead, if I remember correctly.

First I enabled "More compatible, slower", but there was still not
(expected) address error. Next I enabled "Cycle exact, slower", and then
the IDE emulation appeared to cause problems.

> Also, do you see a line starting with "Building CPU" on the console
> when you change that option and return the emulation? If yes, what does
> it exactly print?

Building CPU, 45989 opcodes (3 -1 1)
CPU=68030, FPU=68882, MMU=0, JIT=0.
CPU cycleunit: 1 (0.500)

Take care


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