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I agree that OpenGL should be optional.  I've made it so in my changes and
have successfully modified the CMake files to look for it and only use it if
found, as well as made the inclusion of the modified code dependent on the
existence of OpenGL when compiling.

My initial test worked quite well in scaling the ST/STE low and medium
resolution screens, with no apparent reduction in video update speed.  High
resolution isn't working for some reason.  I need to figure out why high
resolution isn't working, refine the code a bit more, and add some options
to the GUI/configuration mechanism so scaling can be enabled/disabled and
stored in configuration files.  I can see from the source code that there is
additional/different GUI code for Windows and OS X.  Is it sufficient to
make the configuration GUI changes to the SDL code in gui-sdl, or do you
think I'll need to modify anything in gui-osx and/or gui-win as well?


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Le 19/09/2013 05:47, Randy Hunsaker a écrit :
> Hi,
> I think I have a model for scaling that will work.  It involves using 
> SDLs OpenGL support, and converting the main SDL surface to a texture 
> and stretching it over a rectangle that represents the ST/STE screen.  
> I've made some preliminary code changes, and I need to link Hatari 
> with the OpenGL library to test them.  I'm not very familiar with 
> CMake, so I'm not sure how to modify the CMake files to enabling 
> linking with the library.  Can you suggest how to do this?
> Thanks,
> Randy


regarding opengl, I'm not sure all platforms where Hatari can currently
build have opengl available ; at least, I think it should not be mandatory
to have opengl to build Hatari, so that Hatari can still build on
opengl-less platform.

As for adding some flags to cmake, you can try to duplicate the
target-link_libraries used for portaudio for example in src/CMakeLists.txt
and adapt it to opengl.


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