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I think I have a model for scaling that will work.  It involves using SDLs
OpenGL support, and converting the main SDL surface to a texture and
stretching it over a rectangle that represents the ST/STE screen.  I've made
some preliminary code changes, and I need to link Hatari with the OpenGL
library to test them.  I'm not very familiar with CMake, so I'm not sure how
to modify the CMake files to enabling linking with the library.  Can you
suggest how to do this?


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On 13/09/2013 21:04, Randy Hunsaker wrote:
> Hi Nicolas,
> That sounds like a better solution.  I'll take a look at doing that.  
> I assume the best place to add the 2nd pass would be in 
> Screen_DrawFrame() or
> Screen_Blit() in screen.c.  Does that sound reasonable, or should I be 
> looking elsewhere?
> Thanks,
> Randy


I didn't write this part, so I don't know the code path that much ; but
Screen_DrawFrame seems to be called in a few places, while Screen_Blit is
only called once at the end of Screen_DrawFrame.

So, if you want a quick way to test your code, I think Screen_Blit would be

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