Re: [hatari-devel] ST/STE High Resolution Scaling

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On 13/09/2013 18:43, Randy Hunsaker wrote:

Hatari currently doesn’t seem to support scaling ST/STE high resolution
like it does with low and medium.  I’d like to add support for
“doubling” ST/STE high resolution from 640x400 to 1280x800 with each ST
pixel represented by 4 pixels on the display device (2hx2v).  Hatari
does this for ST/STE low resolution already (2hx2v), and partially for
medium resolution (hx2v).  Can anyone suggest what Hatari source code
files I should look at to discover how this is accomplished for
low/medium so I can try to implement this for high?




this is in the convert/ folder, but for now I'm afraid the current state of video scaling is rather complicated and could be very hard to extend. A major rewrite of these parts would be better to allow hardware scaling or thing like that when changing the window size for example.

Doing it only for monochrome would be simpler, but it's not trivial nevertheless. You can have a look at the current sources.


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