Re: [hatari-devel] ST/STE High Resolution Scaling

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On 13/09/2013 20:13, Randy Hunsaker wrote:
Thanks for the quick reply, Nicolas.  I'll take a look at the source code
and see what can be done.  If I feel adventurous, I'll take a stab at doing
this for all resolutions with hardware scaling.


You can add specific code for monochrome x2, but in the end I think it would be better to have an optional SDL 2nd pass to take the current SDL bitmap and apply some zooming effects (such as the ones used in several emulators to do x2 or x4 with some filters (bilinear and so on))

By working on SDL bitmap, you only have to write a function to transform a w1Xh1 image to another w2Xh2 image, without having to deal with the ST's planar conversion. So the zooming function can apply to any ST video mode.

By doing so, the text used in Hatari (F12 menu and other) would of course be zoomed and maybe it could be better to zoom only the ST part of the bitmap, not the UI part added by Hatari, but that's could be fine tuned after.


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