Re: [hatari-devel] Problem with SCSI initiator command register

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Le 07/06/2012 12:30, Uwe Seimet a écrit :
Hi Thomas,

I assembled your test program above (switching to Supervisor first, and
replaced the illegal instruction with a Cconws text), and for me, it
finishes after a while! It takes a minute until its done, but it
certainly does not loop forever. Now this is very confusing. Which
Hatari settings are you using when it fails for you? Could you maybe
also try another CPU frequency setting? ... and just to be sure, which
GCC version are you using? Some GCC versions are buggy and create
incorrect Hatari binaries...

Thank you for helping with this. Obviously you were more patient with
waiting for the loop to end than I was ;-).

I have added my Hatari config file as an attachment. My gcc version is
4.5.3, but if I remember correctly with older versions the problem was
the same.
I tried several settings, Cycle Exact, 8 MHz instead of 32 etc., but the
loop still takes very long.

Do you mean it takes a long time, or it never ends ? This is not the same. In the 1st case, it means the register eventually reach a bmi state, but during a too short time.

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