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Am 20.02.2012 20:16, schrieb Mark Borgerding:
Those are absolutely beautiful.

One ignorant question ... why Chinese?

Yes, good question.
And how we can ever have a good translation of "eigen" into a language we do not speak? Or do we/one?

As a second quest: What was the initial motivation of the library name "eigen". Comes the name originally from the German of "Eigenwert" (eigenvalue),"Eigenfrequenz" (natural frequency) or "Eigenform" (mode shape), "Eigenvektor" (eigenvector) ? Or was it simply the German word "eigen" (own / distinct / particular / do-it-yourself / quirky ) ? I forgot what the Owl was standing for, too (may be just a favorite animal of somebody or a symbol of wisdom?)

I am not in a position to ask for something, nor to spread my wings of wisdom upon you, but I think it is a good idea to be careful not to "accidentally" but,if at all, to go "intentionally" into an other statement / symbolism with the Icon.


P.S. Anekdote:
The Rolls Royce "Mist" is in german known as classical misfit, becaue German "Mist" can be easily translates into english "Dung" or "Bullshit".
So be aware....

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