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Hi owls ;)

let me resurrect this very old thread about a new logo. We clearly did
not make it for 3.0, but we still have a few weeks before 3.1...

In my opinion we need at least to version of the logo. One which which
would fit into a square format where the word "eigen" does not
necessarily have to appear, so typically a simplified version of the
current mascot. A second one, with a large format that mostly contains
the word "eigen" with a small version of the logo somewhere. These two
version answer two different use cases. In both cases, they should not
contain more than 3 colors.

I'm very bad at drawing, but I still gave it a try. In the links
below, you will find a pdf of my attempts, and if you want to play
with them yourself there is also the source file (openoffice format).
They are only some initial tries to get some feedbacks and perhaps
motivate some of you to propose improved versions.

Please be careful at the scale you are watching them because they are
supposed to be small....

As you can see, the initial owl if very recognizable. Also notice in
page 2 the variants without the pen. I think the pen is too tiny for
our use cases.

Don't censure yourself, at this point everything is open to discussion!


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