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2012/2/8 Gael Guennebaud <gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi owls ;)
> let me resurrect this very old thread about a new logo. We clearly did
> not make it for 3.0, but we still have a few weeks before 3.1...
> In my opinion we need at least to version of the logo. One which which
> would fit into a square format where the word "eigen" does not
> necessarily have to appear, so typically a simplified version of the
> current mascot. A second one, with a large format that mostly contains
> the word "eigen" with a small version of the logo somewhere.

OK, I see what you mean. I think that the image itself (the owl
itself) should remain free of any text: I don't know many mascots that
have text on them. But I agree with the need for a second logo with
the mascot on the side (still text-free) and the name 'Eigen', styled,
next to it.

See this:

I also sympathize with the idea of restricting the color palette. In
fact, I'm reading a book about heraldics at the moment, and they had a
very strict and limited color palette: 2 light colors (white and
yellow), 4 dark colors (red, green, blue, black) and a strict rule:
two colors of the same group may not be adjacent, except perhaps for
tiny details. I'm not saying that we should do that --- just saying
that restricted color palettes have long been a part of logo design


> These two
> version answer two different use cases. In both cases, they should not
> contain more than 3 colors.

> I'm very bad at drawing, but I still gave it a try. In the links
> below, you will find a pdf of my attempts, and if you want to play
> with them yourself there is also the source file (openoffice format).
> They are only some initial tries to get some feedbacks and perhaps
> motivate some of you to propose improved versions.
> Please be careful at the scale you are watching them because they are
> supposed to be small....
> As you can see, the initial owl if very recognizable. Also notice in
> page 2 the variants without the pen. I think the pen is too tiny for
> our use cases.
> Don't censure yourself, at this point everything is open to discussion!
> cheers,
> gael

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