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2012/2/8 Gael Guennebaud <gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxxx>:
> On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 2:09 PM, Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> OK, I see what you mean. I think that the image itself (the owl
>> itself) should remain free of any text: I don't know many mascots that
>> have text on them. But I agree with the need for a second logo with
>> the mascot on the side (still text-free) and the name 'Eigen', styled,
>> next to it.
> ok for that. I guess that for you that eliminates all the variants
> with the 'e' inside the owl, and also the ones with diag([e i g e n]),
> but there are many others. Any opinion on them?

Slide 1: i like all owls except the ones with [eigen] (for reason
above; but the [11111] is ok), and the very last one without the book
(too plain).

Slide 2: not a fan, don't know why. maybe just colors, as i like slide 3 better

Slide 3: this works much better. Again I don't like the writing, and
the lambda would be confusing by itself, but [11111] is OK. So, OK for
most of them if you remove the 'eigen' on the side and only write
[11111] on the owl.

Slide 4: my favorite is the 1st one (1a) but the hat itself without
the owl may not be easy to recognize. Maybe 1a + hat-less owl on the

Slide 5: I like 4a the best. Combining this with the 1a from page 4,
you could move the had from the owl to the n.

 Not a fan of brackets around 'eigen' (still doesn't make it look like
a matrix). Putting the e inside the owl makes it too far away from the
other letters, so I'd rather have the owl on the side (see Firefox

Slide 6: again, I prefer 4a.


> So far, I've got a negative feedback on the versions with the owl
> whose hat looks too academic, and a positive one on "e[i]gen" and
> simply "[i]" for the squared version - I'm just sharing some feedback
> I received.
> gael

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