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On Thu, 17 Feb 2011 11:43:26 -0500
Rohit Joshi <rj.rohit@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Great work!! Can you also cook the packages in wok-undigest. The receipts
> are just there but no body is cooking them. May be rename
> tazwok-experimental to tazwok-undigest and copy wok-experimental to
> wok-undigest. If everything works well, we can make wok-undigest (an
> experimental repo) as the first place to submit upgrades, new packages etc.,
> and then  move the tested packages and upgrades to keep the main cooking wok
> to be more stable.  ( this is just a suggestion)
> Rohit

In fact the wok experimental has already been moved to wok when godane
and me thought that previous cooking build environnment wad dead; it's
why some people was quite disapointed few days ago.

Anyway, we can split into two wok if necessary, but I hope I will prove
it's not necessary by releasing some iso using experimental &
experimental repository.

About merging this stuff into undigest: I don't think it's a good
things to do. wok-undigest contains some broken receipts, while with
tazwok-experimental it's the buildtool which's undigest (and quite
stable at this time), while the previous receipts are not always
compatible with it. In an experimental point of  view, thoses receipts
are the undigest while fixed ones are the right ones ;)

While there's probably some brokes related to the fact we build over
2.6.37 kernel, most of problems comes from missing build depends
(intltool in most cases) or syntax changes (it's about src/_pkg hacks
which are no more needed and sometimes create incompatibilities, about
the fact all is compiled/installed using -j4 which not works with some
receipts and some more complex syntaxic problems.)

Here's the current status of my home-cooked experimental:
    * Packages in the wok: 2783
    * Packages in the main repository: 987
    * Packages in the incoming repository: 1955
    * Commited packages: 849
    * Packages to cook: 691
    * Broken packages: 130
    * Blocked packages: 16

I had a problem into my cook env (grep can't handle long arguments)
which cause at least 50% of current broken packages.
GoKhlaYeh <gokhlayeh@xxxxxxxxxx>

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