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> * What's tiny wok project ?

The tiny wok hold receipts to build Tiny-SliTaz packages used by

Tiny-SliTaz uses uclibc/i486 cross toolchain and may be retargeted
eventually to uclibc/arm, uclibc/mips... but we should update the cross
toolchain and build them from the sources before.

Excellent! We must target uclibc/arm for small mobile devices.

> Here's what we achieved in 3 weeks with tazwok-experimental :
> more than 500 commits into wok
> more than 150 commits into SliTaz tools
> 1512 packages cooked on tank, from scratch
> 1642 packages cooked on Godane's computer, continuing from tanks works
> theses last days
> 1940 packages cooked on my own computer, from scratch
> Crossing theses repository 2187 / 2783 packages are actually known to
> cook well.
> Isos are known to run well. :)

Great work!! Can you also cook the packages in wok-undigest. The receipts are just there but no body is cooking them. May be rename tazwok-experimental to tazwok-undigest and copy wok-experimental to wok-undigest. If everything works well, we can make wok-undigest (an experimental repo) as the first place to submit upgrades, new packages etc., and then  move the tested packages and upgrades to keep the main cooking wok to be more stable.  ( this is just a suggestion)


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