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> Other things on to-do-before-release:
> * Translate SliTaz tools ?
> * Make slitaz-installer able to works from liveUSB/loram etc ?

They are two 'loram' build methods:
- the old way with .flavor file. Slitaz-installer uses
/etc/tazlito/loram.extract file and work fine AFAIK.
- the new way with tazlitobox. The files in the ram filesystem are
identical to the files coming from a Live CD (tazusb writefs should work)
but, slitaz-installer is not aware of theses new lorams.

> * What about ARM project ?
> * What's tiny wok project ?

The tiny wok hold receipts to build Tiny-SliTaz packages used by

Tiny-SliTaz uses uclibc/i486 cross toolchain and may be retargeted
eventually to uclibc/arm, uclibc/mips... but we should update the cross
toolchain and build them from the sources before.

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