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On Thu, 17 Feb 2011 14:47:15 +0100
Christophe Lincoln <pankso@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all dev,
> So, new host and quiet a lot of mess in the wok/packages we will not be
> able to release 4.0 in time. We can't say we are stable when most
> packages are not tested. This is the goal of one year release cycle,
> make update and add new features for ~8 mounth and then make only fixes
> for 3 mounth and 1 mounth rush to release with latest fixes, artwork,
> doc.
> Now I think we must use current mirror packages with Tank cooking chroot
> and build missing/update with default tazwok/tazbb if there can still
> work with the wok (we can also rollback the wok). I hope this way the
> delay will not be too long. If we use packages produced by the
> experimental branch we will have to delay 4.0 for mounth (finish
> building and let the community test packages).

Here's what we achieved in 3 weeks with tazwok-experimental :

more than 500 commits into wok
more than 150 commits into SliTaz tools

1512 packages cooked on tank, from scratch
1642 packages cooked on Godane's computer, continuing from tanks works
theses last days
1940 packages cooked on my own computer, from scratch

Crossing theses repository 2187 / 2783 packages are actually known to
cook well.

Isos are known to run well. :)

** packages use the same version/compile_rules/genpkg_rules into
cooking and experimental... ***

Other things on to-do-before-release:
* Translate SliTaz tools ?
* Make slitaz-installer able to works from liveUSB/loram etc ?
* Update tool docs (tazpkg doc need some info about options which can
be used with various function, I think about search-file,
search-pkgname etc - I started to works on the tazwok-experimental one)
* What about ARM project ?
* What's tiny wok project ?
* Some job to do into french translation of handbook
* Two projects I talked about: libre/e17 SliTaz flavors.
-*==* Add yours...

I think we should at least cook-commit for the 1512 packages on tank's
experimental repository and release up-to-date ISO (did you push you're
udev fix into boot scripts? - we need it).

> One question to all devs, when you update your or someone else package,
> do you built it and test it on your local machine before ? Because you
> should, Tank main chroot is not a playground, package goes directly to
> users. If you dont have resource and want to use Tank, please ask for a
> personnal chroot environment.

Sure I do, because I have a robust build-system which handle build-deps
for me :p

> Any idea are welcome about I we coul manage 4.0 release delay :-)
> Regards,
> - Christophe
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