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I forget to answer about cooking undigest wok...

It's support but recently I added some lines of codes wich screw things
when cooking using undigest environnment. I think I have to push a
little fix and then undigest can be handled, even if it's not the
priority I think (priority is cook missing packages of wok). I push it
ontop on my todo list: even if we don't launch it now on tank, some
people will be able to test it.

Also, I asked about tiny wok because I want to try to cook it from
scratch using tazwok-experimental but I'm not sure about how to define
toolchain cookorder. It can be a good exercice to make the toolchain
script handle more stuff than only gcc/glibc/linux-api-headers/binutils
toolchain; I coded tazwok-experimental with multi-arch support in head
but pratictaly I tested it only on the "classic" toolchain. So I think
it's few lines of code to change to make it works, but not so much.

About recooking the whole repository, is this a part of the release
plan? When should it happens ?
GoKhlaYeh <gokhlayeh@xxxxxxxxxx>

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