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> Ok I understand, but why must have tazwok installed on the main system
> and not in a chroot ? Actually everything can be done into a chrrot
> without installing tazwok or tazbb on Tank itselt.

Because tazwok-experimental+tazchroot setup the chroot, 
Because tazwok-experimental setup the webserver outside the chroot (as
it's a minimal chroot),
Because tazpkg has been greatly improved since 1 year and chroot is
builded using tazpkg and not a minimal rootfs.gz.

That's why we had installed tazwok-experimental/tazpkg/tazchroot/libtaz
from experimental into previous tank but I understand it's a problem so
here's the alternative.

> I'm not using cooking as base, at the moment I'm trying to understand
> and setup and build bot using your experimental tools. 
> I know, I'm not syncing anything.

Ok, I understand better what you are doing, thanks.

I'm keep working on this tool to setup all from another version than
experimental in few commands.

GoKhlaYeh <gokhlayeh@xxxxxxxxxx>

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